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Date-Sheet or TimeTable for 6th Sem B.E / B.Tech. - MDU Rohtak


Theory Date-Sheet for B.E / B.Tech. 6th Sem. Examinations May / June - 2011

Time of Exam. 2.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.   /       Center of Exam : As per Roll List

Date & Day Syllabus Code Subject (Full Nomenclature) P. Code Branches

 EE-310-C Digital Signal Processing   1085 EL,IC (Re-Appear) (Common with 8th Sem.)

 ME-308-C Automatic Control            1089 ME (Re-Appear)
EE-314-E Conv.  & CAD of Elect. M/C   2332 EE, EEE
AE-302 Introduction to Wind energy 2378 Aeronautical Engg.
PT-312 Offset Technology-II 2361 PT
CSE-302-E Principles of Software Engg. 2319 CSE,IT
CSE-307 E Web Development  2321 IT
ME-308-E Automatic Control            2310 ME, MAE
EE-317-E Power Electronics  2317 EI,IC 
EE-304-E Control System Engg.   2302 EE,EL,EEE
AE-306 E Finite Element Method 2350 AE
BTT-308-E Enzyme    Tech.            2343 BTT


CSE-312-C Computer Network   1077 CSE,IT (Re-Appear) (Common with 8th Sem.)


 EE-402-E Wireless Communication  2322 CSE, IT 
EE-351 E Micro Controller & its Application 2339 BME
EE-318-E Electric Power Generation  2334 EE,EEE
AE-304 Compressibale Aerodynemics 2379 Aeronautical Engg.
PT-302 Printing Management 2356 PT
CE-302 E Design of Concrete Structure-II 2371 Civil Engg.
MAE-311 Metrology & Quality Assurance 2362 MAE
EE-310-E Digital Systems Design    2306 EE,EL,CSE,EI,IC
ME-312-C Management of Prod. Sys.  1091 ME (Re-Appear)

 PT-304 Printing Finishing 2357 PT
ME-310E Measurement & Instrumentation  2381 AE
EE-316-E Ad. Microprc. & Microcontroller  2333 EE
ME-304 E Mechanical Vibration 2363 MAE
IT-305-E Comp. Networks    2304 EI,CSE 
CE-304 E Irrigation Engineering - I 2372 Civil Engg.
ME-310-E Measurement & Instrumentation  2311 ME
IC-304-E Telemetry Data Proc. & Recording 2315 EI,IC
BME-316-E Int. to Bio Materials     2337 BME
BTT-312-E Food Bio Technology      2345 BTT

 ME-302-C Dynamics of Mach.    1086 ME (Re-Appear)
IT-303-E System Programming & System Adm.     2324 IT, CSE
EE-312-E Power System - II        2331 EE, EEE
PT-306 Printing Substrates 2358 PT
EE-302-E Microwave & Radar Engg   2301 EL
AE-306   Aircraft Systems 2380 Aeronautical Engg.
ME-302-E Dynamics of M/C. 2307 ME
CE-306 E Geotechnology 2373 Civil Engg.
ME-307 E I.C. Engines & Gas Turbines 2364 MAE
AE-302 E Design of Automobile Components-II 2348 AE
IC-405-E Comp Based Inst. & Cont.   2313 EI,IC
BTT-302-E Microbial Bio Tech.       2340 BTT

 ME-306-C Heat & Mass Transfer     1088 ME, AE (Re-Appear)
EE-344 E Transmission Lines & Network 2347 EEE
EE-306-E MOS IC , S Technology    2303 EI, EL
ME-306-E Heat Transfer  2309 ME
ME-306 E Heat Transfer  2383 AE
ME-310 E Refrigeration & Air-conditioning 2365 MAE
CE-312 E Project Planning & Management 2376 Civil Engg.
IT-302-E Network Programming   2318 IT
BME-310-E Medical Informatics    2335 BME
BTT-306-E Animal  Bio Tech.       2342 BTT

ME-310-C Meas & Inst.        1090 ME (Re-Appear)
CE-310 E Transportatio Engg- II 2375 Civil Engg.
EE-306 E Microelectronics 2346 EEE
EE-407-E Digital  Signal Processing   2323 IT
ME-312-E Industrial Engg.   2312 ME, AE, MAE
PT-310 Printing Image Generation-II 2360 PT
EE-308-E TV Engg.      2305 EL
IC-302-E Nonlinear Control System    2314 IC
BME-314-E Bio Medical Equip.   2336 BME
BTT-310-E Environment Bio Tech  2344 BTT

 IT-302 C Java Programming 1100 EE,EL,CSE,EI. IC,CHE, ME (Common with 8th Sem)
11.06.2011 EE-306-C   Micro Electronics     1084 EL  (Re-Appear) ( Common with 8th Sem. )
13.06.2011 ME-304-C M/C Design II    (4 Hrs Paper) 1087 ME (Re-Appear)
CSE-304-E Intelligent System   2320 CSE,IT
AE-308 Boundary Layer Theory 2382 Aeronautical Engg.
ME-304-E M/C Design II    (4 Hrs Paper) 2308 ME (Re-Appear)
AE-304 E Auto Pollution & Controls 2349 AE
CE-308 E Sewerage & Sewage Treatment 2374 Civil Engg.
PT-308 Printing Ink Technology 2359 PT
IC-306-E Biomedical Instrumentation  2316 EI,IC
BME-322-E Principal of Medical Imaging -I 2338 BME
BTT-304-E Plant Bio Tech.   2341 BTT

General Guidelines for the Examination

1 Before answering the question paper the candidates should ensure that they have been supplied the 
   correct question paper.  Complaints in this regard, if any, shall not be entertained after the examination.
2 Any electronic device / I-Pod / Pager / Mobile phone not allowed in the examination centre at any cost. 
3 The use of only simple calculator is allowed.  Exchanging of calculator is not allowed.
4 No Candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Hall without Admit card & College I-Card
      As amended in the Ordinance's of Engg. Courses vide Resolution No. 58 dated 5.11.2003 of Academic Council :-
      The Candidate will appear in the Examination in the Paper (S) of their choice in case of clash in the date-sheet and 
       they will not be entitled to claim any benefit consequentl

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