Tuesday, 24 May 2011

2nd Semester Date-Sheet for B.tech in Kurukshetra University

Schedule ,Time Table, date, date-Sheet for the B.tech(bachelor in technology) for the IISemester or 2nd semester is below.


Date-Sheet for the B. Tech. Engineering II Semester Examination
commencing on 6.6.2011.
Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. Onwards (EVENING SESSION)
Date & Day Reference No. Subject & Paper

JUNE, 2011
6th, Monday

MATH-102E Mathematics –II (2006 to onwards)
MATH-102E Mathematics-II(2004-2005 Syllabus)
MATH-102E Mathematics-II (2003-04 Syllabus)
AR-102 Architectural Design-I

9th, Thursday
PHY-102E Physics-II (2005 to onwards)
PHY-102E Physics-II (2003-04 Syllabus)
AR-104 Architectural Graphics-II

13th, Monday
BT-101E Introduction to Biotechnology
(w.e.f. 2009-10 Syllabus)
BT-101E Introduction to Biotechnology (2004-08 Syllabus)
BT-101E Basics of Biotechnology (2003-04 Syllabus)
HUM-101E Communication Skills in English
HUM-101E Communication Skills in English
(2003-04 Syllabus)
AR-106 Building Construction
 CE-101E Elements of Civil Engineering
ME-101E Elements of Mechanical Engineering
EL-101E Elements of Electronics Engineering
(2008 onwards)
EL-101E Elements of Electronics Engineering
(2004-07 Syllabus)
EL-101E Elements of Electronic Engineering
(2003-04 Syllabus)
ELT-105 Basic Electrical Engineering (2002-03 Syllabus)
AR-108 Principles of Architecture

21st, Tuesday
CSE-101E Fundamentals of Computer & Programming in ‘C’
EE-101E Electrical Technology
MAT-104 Mathematics-II (2002-2003 Syllabus)
AR-110 Colour Fundamentals and Applications

24th, Friday
 ME-103E Manufacturing Processes
CH-101E: Chemistry (2005 onwards)
CH-101E Chemistry (2003-04 Syllabus)
CHT-106 Chemistry-II (2002-03 Syllabus)
AR-112 History of Art and Culture

28th, Tuesday
ME-105E Engineering Graphics and Drawing (2010-11)
Even Roll Nos. (Morning Session)
ME-105E Engineering Graphics and Drawing (2010-11)
Odd Roll Nos. (Evening Session)
AR-114 Introduction to Computer in Architecture

NOTE : On getting a question-paper and before answering it, the candidates should
check up and ensure that they have been supplied with the correct questionpaper.
If the question-paper is not correct they may ask the Centre
Superintendent for the same. Complaints in this regard after the examination
shall not be entertained.

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