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4th Semester Date-Sheet for B.tech in Kurukshetra University

Schedule ,Time Table, date, date-Sheet for the B.tech(bachelor in technology) for the IV Semester or 4th semester is below.


Date-Sheet for the B. Tech. Engineering IV Semester Examination
commencing on 7.6.2011.
Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. Onwards (EVENING SESSION)
Date & Day Reference No. Subject & Paper

JUNE, 2011
7th, Tuesday
BTT-202E Molecular Biology
CHE-202E Heat Transfer
CSE-202E Computer Architecture & Organization
CE-202E Structural Analysis-II
EE-202E Power Generation & Control
ECE-202E Electronics Instrumentation & Measurements
EECT-202E Digital Electronics (w.e.f. 2006 onwards)
FTT-202E Human Nutrition
IC-202E Transducers and Signal Conditioning
ME-202E Production Technology (2006 to onwards)
TT-202 Yarn Manufacture-II
AEI-202E Transducer & Industrial Measurement
AR-202 Architectural Design-III

10th, Friday
BTT-204E Immunology
CHE-204E Transport Phenomena
CSE-204E Programming Languages
CE-204E Design of Steel Structure-I
EE-204E Digital Electronics
EECT-204E Power Apparatus & Machine-II
FTT-204E Thermal Processing (HMT)
ME-204E Material Science (w.e.f. 2006 onwards)
EL-204E Digital Electronics (CDLU)
TT-204 Fabric Manufacture-II
AEI-204E Linear Integrated Circuits
IC-204E Linear Integrated Circuits
ITEC-284 Digital Electronics
ECT-204 Analog Communication (2002-03 Syllabus)
ET-204 Electrical Machines-II (2002-03 Syllabus)
EE-202 Circuit Theory-I
AR-204 Building Construction and Material-III

14th, Tuesday
 BTT-206E Bio Analytical Techniques
CHE-206E Mechanical Operations
CE-206E Fluid Mechanics-II
EE-206E Communication Systems
ECE-206E Fields and Waves
EECT-206E Analog Instruments & Measurements
FTT-206E Unit Operation in Food Engineering-II
IC-206E Linear Control System-I
ME-206E Strength of Materials-II (w.e.f. 2006 onwards)
IT-252E Object Oriented Programming using C++
TT-206 Textile Chemical Processing -II
AEI-206E Linear Control System-I
ECT-206 Instrumentation and Measurement
AR-206 History of Architecture-II

18th, Saturday
BTT-208E Industrial Microbiology & Enzyme Technology
CHE-208E Unit Processes
CE-208E Soil Mechanics
EE-208E Signal & Systems
ECE-216E Microprocessors and Interfacing
EECT-208E Linear I.C.Application
FTT-208E Dairy Technology
ME-208E Fluid Mechanics (w.e.f. 2006 onwards)

18th, Saturday
 TT-208 Testing of Raw Materials Yarn & Fabric
AEI-208E Digital Electronics
ECT-208 Control System
AR-208 Theory of Structures-I

22nd, Wednesday
BTT-210E Thermodynamics of Bio-Processes
CE-210E Surveying-II
EE-210E Electrical Machines-II
EECT-210E Analog Electronics
FTT-210E Fruit & Vegetable Processing
ME-210E Dynamics of Machines-II (w.e.f. 2006 onwards)
ECE-204E Digital Electronics (New)
CHE-210E Process Instrumentation
TT-210 Man made Fibers Technology
AEI-210E Signals and Systems
ECT-232 Analog and Digital Communication
AR-210 Advanced Computer Applications-III

25th, Saturday
HUM-201E Basic of Economic & Management (NEW)
HUM-201E Basic of Industrial Sociology, Economic &
Management (OLD SYLLABUS)
MATH-201E Mathematics-III (only for Food Technology only)
MAT-201/ Mathematics-III(2003-04 Syllabus)
MATH-201E Mathematics-III
AR-212 Construction Site Supervision and Critical
Appraisal of a Building

MAT-204E Computational Techniques
AR-214 Vernacular Architecture and Relevance of
Vastu Shastra

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