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6th Semester Date-Sheet for B.tech in Kurukshetra University 2015

Schedule ,Time Table, date, date-Sheet for the B.tech(bachelor in technology) for the VI Semester or 6th semester is below.

Date-Sheet for the B. Tech. Engineering VI Semester Examination
commencing on 8.6.2011.
Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. Onwards (EVENING SESSION)
Date & Day Reference No. Subject & Paper

JUNE, 2011
8th, Wednesday

ECE-302E Control System Engineering
ELE-302E Micro controller
CSE-302 Mobile Computing
ME-302E Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
EE-302E Power System Analysis & Protection
CE-302E Design of Steel Structures-II
IT-358 Computer Network(w.e.f. 2006 onwards)
EIE-302E Biomedical Engineering
IC-302E Bio Instrumentation
EECT-302E Microprocessor & Application
CHE-302E Mass Transfer-II
FTT-302E Technology of Cereals Pulses and Oil Seeds
BTT-302E Microbial Biotechnology
TT-302 Theory of Yarn Structure
AEI-302E Biomedical Instrumentation
EIE-302 Industrial Electronics

11th, Saturday
 ECE-304E VHDL and Digital Design
CSE-304 Computer Hardware Technologies
ME-304E Tribology
EE-304E Micro controllers and Applications
CE-304E Irrigation Engineering-I
IT-354 Software Engineering
EIE-304E Microwave and Radar Engineering
IC-304E Analytical Instrumentation
EECT-304E Power System Analysis and Protection
CHE-304E Chemical Reaction Engineering
FTT-304E Meat Fish & Poultry Technology
BTT-304E Plant Biotechnology
TT-304 Theory of Fabric Structure
AEI-304E Analytical Instrumentation
ICT-304 Communication Engineering

16th, Thursday
ECE-306E Digital Signal Processing
CSE-306 Network Management and Security
ME-306E Mechanical Vibrations
ME-306 Strength of Materials-II (Old Syllabus)
EE-306E Digital Signal Processing
CE-306E Water Resources & System Engineering
IT-356 Computer Graphics
EIE-306E Microprocessor
IC-306E Industrial Process Control
EECT-306E Design of Electrical Machines
CHE-306E Process Dynamics & Control
FTT-306E Packing Technology
BTT-306E Animal and Aquaculture Biotechnology
TT-306 Garment Manufacturing Technology
AEI-306E Process Dynamics & Control

20th, Monday
 ECE-308E Digital Communication
ELE-304E Micro Wave Devices
CSE-308 Software Engineering
ME-308E Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
EE-308E Power Electronics-II
CE-308E Geo-technology-II
IT-352 Analysis and Design of Algorithms
(2005-06 Syllabus)

20th, Monday
 EIE-308E Robotics Engineering
IC-308E Micro controller Based Instrumentation & Control
EECT-308E Digital Signal Processing
CHE-308E Process Plant Utilities
FTT-308E Food Biotechnology
BTT-308E Health Care Biotechnology
TT-308 Knitting Bio-technology
AEI-308E Micro Controller & its Applications
COT-308 Advance Computer Architecture

23rd, Thursday
ECE-310E Computer Communication Network
CSE-321 Multimedia Techniques
CSE-322 Graph Theory and Combinatorics
CSE-324 Advanced Data Base Systems
CSE-325 Parallel Computing
ME-310E Machine Design-II
EE-310E Electric Drives & Traction
CE-310E Transportation Engineering-I
IT-360 Management Information System
EIE-310E Opto Electronics Instrumentation
IC-310E Object Oriented Programming & Computer
EECT-310E Electric Drives & Control
CHE-310E Process Equipment Design-I
FTT-310E Biochemical Engineering
BTT-310E Environmental Biotechnology
TT-310 Computer Aided Fabric Manufacturing
AEI-310E Object Oriented Programming & Computer

27th, Monday
 HUT-302E Fundamentals of Management
(w.e.f. 2006 Onwards)
EE-312E Advance Programming
CE-312E Water Supply Treatment
EIE-312E Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Energy
IC-312E Digital and Non Linear Control System
EECT-312E Electrical Materials & Process
BTT-312E Food Biotechnology
TT-312 Theory & Design of Textile Machinery
AEI-312E Digital & Non Linear Control System
COT-350 Computer Graphics

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