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Date-Sheet or TimeTable for 4th Sem B.E / B.Tech. - MDU Rohtak

BE. / B.Tech. 4th Semester 
    Theory Date-Sheet for B.E / B.Tech. 4th Sem. Examinations May / June - 2011
Time of Exam. 2.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.   /       Center of Exam : As per Roll List
Date / Day Syll. Code Subject (Full Nomenclature) P. Code Branches
EE-206-E Communication System         2105 EE,EL
MAE-213 Microprocessor & Applications 2145 MAE
EE-264-E Electronics -II 2127 BME
CSE-202-E D.B.M.S.       2113 CSE,IT
BTT-202-E Molecular Biology                   2132 BT
FA-202 F Evolution of Clothing & Fashion 24215 F.A
TT-202 F Man Made Fiber Production 24202 TC, TT
BT-202 F Molecular Biology 24186 BT
CSE-202 F D.B.M.S 24162 CSE, IT
EE-210 F Network Analysis & Design 24179 BME
EE-214 F Introduction to Power system 24158 IC
EE-228 F Signal Systems 24151 ECE, EI
EE-212 F Transmission & Distribution 24141 EE, EEE
ME-202 F Manufacturing Tech-I 24169 ME
CE-202 F Structural Analysis-II 24195 Civil
EE-204-E Digital Electronics               2104
BME-210 E Electronics & Instrumentation 2125
FA-204 F Color & Design Concepts 24216
TC-204 F Unit Organic Process & Chemical Engg. 24210
TT-204 F Yarn Manufacture-II 24203
MATH-201 F MATH-III 24021 Common for All Branchs
25.05.2011 EE-202-C Analog Electronics 1030 CSE, EE,EL,IC,EI(Re-Appear)
HUM-202-E Fundamentals of Management  2101 EEE, EL,EE,ME,CHE,EI,IC, AE, Civil
CSE-210-E Com. Arch Org.                     2117 CSE, IT
PT-204 Design & Planning for Printing Product 2138 PT
BME-208-E Bio Medical Device Reg.     2130 BME
BTT-204-E Immunology             2133 BTT
AE-206 Air Craft Structure-I 2053 AE
TC-204 F Fabric Formation 24211 FA, TC
TT-206 F Fabric Manufacture-II 24204 TT
HUM-201 F Engg. Economics 24022 Common for all Brances
BT-204 F Immunology 24187
A.S. / Date-Sheet, B.Tech May June - 2011, (Final-I)BE. / B.Tech. 4th Semester (Page-2)
MATH-202-E Numerical Methods    2102 EEE, EE,EL,EI,IC
AE-208 Air Craft Material & Manufactureing Process 2054 AE
CE-202 E Structure Analysis-II 2152 Civil Engg.
PT-206 Flexography 2139 PT
IT-202-E O.O.P.S..                       2116 CSE,IT
ME-206-E SOM -II 2109 ME, AE
EE-252-E Digital Electronics        2126 BME
BTT-206-E Bio Analysis  Tech.       2134 BTT
TT-208 F Fabric Structure 24205 FA, TT
TC-208 F Preparatory Wet Processing 24212 TC
BT-206 F Industrial Microbiology 24188 BT
IT-202 F O.O. Programming using c++ 24164 CSE, IT
EE-252 F Digital Electronics 24180 BME
EE-202 F Analog Electronics 24142 ECE, EI, EE, EEE, IC
ME-204 F Kinematics of M/c 24170 ME
CE-204 F Fluid Mechanics-II 24196 Civil
EEE-230 Air Craft Electical Systems & Instruments 2055 AE
CSE-208-E Internet Fundamental     2115 CSE,IT
CE-204 E Design of Concrete Structure-I 2153 Civil Engg.
PT-208 Printing Materials 2140 PT
MAE-211 E Kinematics & Dynamitic of M/c.  2143 MAE
EE-202-E Analog Electronics          2103 EL,EE,EI,IC, EEE
ME-202-E Manufacturing Tech.        2107 ME
CHE-202-E Transport phenomena      2120 CHE
BME-202-E Biomedical Signal Analysis  2129 BME
BTT-208-E Industrial Bio & Enz. Tech.    2135 BTT
AE-208-E Kinematics & Dynamitic of Machines 2147 AE
FA-206 F Apparel Merchandising 24217 FA
TT-210 F Computer Aided 24206 TC, TT
BT-208 F Bioprocess Engineering - I 24189 BT
CSE-208 F Internet Fundamentals 24163 CSE, IT
EE-264 F Electronics - I 24181 BME
EE-204 F Digital Electronics 24143 ECE, EI, EE, EEE, IC
ME-206 F S.O.M-I 24171 ME
CE-206 F Design of Concrete structure-I 24197 Civil
A.S. / Date-Sheet, B.Tech May June - 2011, (Final-I)BE. / B.Tech. 4th Semester (Page-3)
ME-212-C Mech. Tech     1033 CSE,EE,EL,IC,EI (Re-Appear)
PT-210 Electronics Compositions 2141 PT
CE-206 E Fluid Mechanics - II 2154 Civil Engg.
MATH-212 Computational Numerical Methods 2056 AE
ME204-E Material Science                 2108 ME
CSE-204-E Prog. Language                    2114 CSE,IT
CHE-204-E Mechanical Operations           2121 CHE
BME-206-E Bio Medical Stats. 2124 BME
AE-206-E Automotive Engines 2150 AE
FA-212 F Apparel Production-II 24218 FA
MA-212 F Applied Spastics & Operations Research 24207 TC, TT
BT-212 F Bio-analytical Techniques 24190 BT
CSE-210 F Computer Architecture 24165 ITCSE,
CSE-252 F Computer Network 24182 BME
EE-208 F Electromagnetic Theory 24144 ECE, EI, EE, EEE, IC
ME-208 F Fluid Mechanics 24172 ME
CE-208 F Surveying-II 24198 Civil
HUM-202-C Prin And Practice of Mag.    1028 Common to all branches (Re-Appear)
HUM-214 Principals & Practices of Economics & Mgmt. 2057 AE
ME-208-E Fluid Mechanics                   2110 ME
CHE-206-E Material  Tech.        2122 CHE
CE-210 E Surveying - II 2155 Civil Engg.
EE-256-E Analog Electronics               2131 BME
BTT-210-E Thermodynamics of Bio Proc.   2136 BTT
CSE-206-E Theory of Automata & Comp.       2119 CSE
PT-212 Electrical M/c & its Utilization in Printing 2142 PT
EE-212 E Field & Waves 2151 EE/AEIE  (Re-appear only)
EE-210-E Elect. Meas & Meas Inst.         2112 EI,IC
AE-202-E Production Engg.       2148 AE
CSE-204 F Programming Language 24176 CSE
IT-204 F Multimedia Tech. 24166 I.T
BME-202 F Biomedical Signal Analysis  24183 BME
EE-216 F E.M. &. M.I 24159 IC
EI-210 F E.M. &. M.I 24155 EI
EE-220 F Principals Comm. System 24147 EE, EEE
ME-210 F Steam & Power Generation 24173 ME
CE-210 F Construction & Concrete Technology 24199 Civil
EE-206 F Communication System         24152 ECE
BT-212 F Biostatics' 24191 BT
A.S. / Date-Sheet, B.Tech May June - 2011, (Final-I)BE. / B.Tech. 4th Semester (Page-4)
10.06.2011 MAE-212 Manufacturing M/c 2144 MAE
ME-210-E Energy Conversion     2111 ME
EE-208-E Electro Magnetic  Theory   2106 EE, EEE, EL,EI,IC
IT-204-E Multimedia  Tech.         2118 IT
CE-212 E Construction & Concrete Technology 2156 Civil Engg.
CH-202-E Unit Process 2123 CHE
PT-202 Graphic Design 2137 PT
CSE-252-E Comp. Network          2128 BME
AE-204-E Hydraulic Pneumatic System 2149 AE
Note :
1 Before answering the question paper the candidates should ensure that they have been supplied the
   correct question paper.  Complaints in this regard, if any, shall not be entertained after the examination.
2 Any electronic device / I-Pod / Pager / Mobile phone not allowed in the examination centre at any cost.
3 The use of only simple calculator is allowed.  Exchanging of calculator is not allowed.
4 No Candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Hall without Admit card & College I-Card
      As amended in the Ordinance's of Engg. Courses vide Resolution No. 58 dated 5.11.2003 of Academic Council :-
The Candidate will appear in the Examination in the Paper (S) of their choice in case of clash in the date-sheet and
       they will not be entitled to claim any benefit consequently

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